Providing relocation services for employers and individuals
in Southern California since 1999

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About Destination Services byMBA

Making a decision to relocate is not just a career decision. It is also a lifestyle decision. Relocating to a new city presents challenges that can distract even the most organized employee. Often it can result in increased stress and turnover with decreased productivity.


Destination Services can help. We are part of your team. We provide pre-decision area overviews, renter and homebuyer assistance, and services for International transferees and new hires. Impartial area overviews, showcasing neighborhoods, shopping and entertainment locations and more, offer an opportunity for a positive and realistic impression of Southern California communities and lifestyle. Concerns and questions can be addressed. Additional services assist the newly hired to find housing and with those processes such as school enrollment, banking, social security and DMV.


Our goal is to provide value, service and peace of mind. We want their employees to feel confident with the decision to relocate, knowing that you are moving to a place that will truly meet your needs and fit your lifestyle.


Our staff can combine or alter services for your specific needs. We’re all about service with a smile. Improve employee satisfaction, morale and confidence by letting your employees know that you are a company that truly cares.

Our Commitment

Destination Services byMBA is committed to providing the highest quality area orientation services, increasing the recruit’s desire to relocate and facilitating the new hire’s relocation.


We provide the information necessary for prospective candidates to make intelligent, informed decisions regarding their move to Southern California. We provide the knowledge of community Resources for new and transferring employees and interns to acclimate quickly.


Our goal is to provide peace of mind while making the decision to relocate, confidence in the decision, and assurance of truly feeling “at home” in Southern California. Our commitment to recruits and employees goes beyond sharing information. We know it is important to remain available. Included in our evaluation is an offer of continued support, if needed. We gladly provide additional information to facilitate the decision-making process or day-to-day living to assure a smooth and comfortable transition.


About the Owner

In 1999 MiMi Browne established Destination Services byMBA to respond to a growing need for recruitment and relocation processes in Orange County. She is a results-oriented leader with a Master of Arts degree, and over 30 years of experience working for public, corporate, and non-profit companies. Motivated by a passion to help companies succeed, MiMi brings her years of experience in management, administration and public relations to Destination Services byMBA. MiMi is an outstanding facilitator and team leader who works to maximize your business goals through the increased productivity of your employees.

We provide peace of mind and service with a smile! We look forward to working with you.